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In today’s world of competition and diversity, nothing is more important than getting your name out there. No matter which road you want to walk down, we’re here to advise you from the very first steps. Where better to get the exposure your brand needs to reach its full potential than with our expert team?!



1. Schedule a consultation with our team.

2. Your AEG consultant will develop a plan that fits your goals        and needs, and present it to you.

3. Once both parties have reached an agreement on the                service package, our team gets to work!

4. We will keep you informed with routine progress updates.

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General rule of thumb states that for every one minute of video content, requires at least one hour(s) of editing. Don't waste your limited time focusing on your media content...Let the professionals handle it! From photography to film editing, AEGaming has got you covered.


Photography: every shot counts, and we’re not talking bullets.


Media Coverage: so much coverage you’ll think its “overwatched”.


Short video content: we film it, edit it, then hand it over to you… so you can handle it as you please.


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Gaming events and tournaments? We got you! It’s every gamer's dream to have an E3 or GamesCom nearby, including ours! Who also doesn’t love a bit of fun competition with a slightly scaled back crowd. At AEGaming, we're all gamers and Esport enthusiasts bringing you the best of the gaming world entertainment to your backyard.


Our list of upcoming events and tournaments


Want to organize your own event? Or even partner with us on one? We’ll help you with that too! As gamers, we welcome any and all ideas to develop and expand our community.

  1. Just contact us and we’ll set up an appointment to meet and discuss.

  2. We’ll help you set your plan and organize the logistics.

  3. Everyone has a great time!


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Want to get started, but not sure how? Here’s how we can help:


  • Starting a company in the middle east

  • Moving an existing company into the MENA region

  • Legalities/governmental assistance

  • Establishing your physical presence

  • Market Research

  • Financial planning/budgeting

  • Building partnerships

  • General advise and guidance


Whether you require full support, or just that small nudge, we tailor our service to you. Set up a meeting to learn more about what your project needs in order to become a success.


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